Useful Canal Videos

A selection of useful canal videos.

Boater's Handbook DVD - Canal & River Trust

Watch this video before going boating for the first time and learn how to navigate our waterways safely.
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Boater's Handbook Video Part 1 - Setting off

Boater's Handbook Video Part 2 - Handling the boat

Boater's Handbook Video Part 3 - Locks

Boater's Handbook Video Part 4 - Bridges and tunnels

Sailing on a cloud with Matthew Gravelle and Family

Broadchurch star Matthew Gravelle was at the centre of the biggest TV whodunnit since 'who shot JR?' The Welsh actor took his wife, Hinterland star Mali Harries, and kids on an Anglo Welsh canal boat holiday, setting off from our Trevor base in North Wales on a true-life family adventure. Here’s his narrowboat holiday review, published in Wales View 2015:

Boaters Handbook Nederlands

Boaters Handbook Deutsche

Boaters Handbook Svenska

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