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We offer 160 stylish canal boats for hire from 10 different locations across England and Wales

Sunlight glinting on slow-flowing rivers; the lap of water on wood; beautiful countryside to explore; access to some of our finest cultural cities; the camaraderie of fellow boaters…
Discover the joy of canal boat holidays with Anglo Welsh, one of the UK’s largest narrowboat holiday companies with over 55 years experience.

Comfortable floating hotels
Our fully equipped fleet of 160 high quality boats are designed for cruising comfort, with smart interiors, clever storage and an impressive list of mod-cons. They provide the perfect base from which to explore thousands of miles of stunning waterways. From two-berth to twelve-berth vessels, there’s a narrowboat to suit everyone.

A choice of departure locations
Our 10 departure bases, ranging from Bath in the South West to Bunbury in the North and Trevor in Wales – give you access to the very best desinations and ring routes, covering some of the finest canals and waterways in Britain.

No experience necessary
You don’t need a licence and its easy to learn how to steer a narrowboat. We provide 45 minutes of nationally accredited tuition prior to your departure. And if you experience any issues along the route, help is always at hand at any of our departure bases.

Flexible holiday durations
We offer a choice of holiday durations, ranging from three nights to three weeks.

Narrowboat day hire
If you don’t have time for a full break but still fancy messing about on the river, why not try canal boat day hire? Our boats depart from six locations around England and Wales. For more details and to book, click here or contact our booking team on 0117 3041122.

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