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Anglo Welsh's top 10 pet friendly getaways

First pets are free on our holidays so you don’t have to leave your furry friend behind! And see below details of our special ‘Doggy...

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Fun for all the family: Why narrowboating appeals to all generations

A canal boat holiday is a wonderful way to bring the family together as there is something for every age group to enjoy. With constantly changing...

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The health benefits of narrowboating

A canal boat holiday is not only huge fun – it is also great for your health. With so many of us now working desk based jobs in which...

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What to pack for your narrowboat holiday

Our canal boats are like floating holiday cottages so you’ll find many of the home comforts already on board, including a galley kitchen...

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Top 8 February Half Term canal boat holiday destinations

WINTER HALF TERM CANAL BOAT HOLIDAY DESTINATIONS Give boredom the push-off and take to the water this winter. Emma Lovell, Anglo Welsh’s...

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Celebrate Britain’s diverse wildlife this Spring

By Kevin Yarwood, Manager at our Great Haywood canal boat hire base Spring is a glorious time to celebrate the rich and diverse wildlife living...

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Narrowboating through the years: canal boats of the past, present and future

All our holiday canal boats here at Anglo Welsh are narrowboats – based on the traditional barges designed specifically to navigate the...

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Wellness by the water

Wellness on the waterways It is well documented that stress is bad for the health – both mental and physical. Stress has been linked to...

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Romantic canal destinations to visit this Valentine's Day

Roxy, who works in the Anglo Welsh Head Office, has been tailor-making canal boat holidays for Anglo Welsh clients for over four years, and she...

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New Year, new hobby: Narrowboating!

The New Year is a great time to take up new hobbies and activities, to learn a new skill. It is an opportunity for a fresh start. New Year’s...

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